Stacey Strickland

Stacey Strickland joined the Shared Imaging family in December 2019 as an MRI/PET technologist in the Seattle, WA area. She immediately made an impact as she helped launch both the MRI and PET/CT programs in that area.

In addition to being an integral part of our MRI / PET CT program in Washington, she also volunteered to start up our mammography program at a prominent hospital in Northwest Washington until a Full-time Mammography Tech could be hired. According to the Mammography Program Manager, Stacey “has put in long hours to provide quality service for our members, treating them like she was part of our family herself.”

Stacey has also learned the nuances of running 7 independent mobile sites, each with challenging workflows – working with OEMs and hospitals on upgrades and adjustments to meet mobile set up demands while also becoming the main point of contact in establishing a difficult image transfer process.

Stacey’s hard work and dedication to Shared Imaging hasn’t gone unnoticed. She continues to go above and beyond her normal responsibilities and help wherever needed.

Please join us in thanking Stacey Strickland for her dedicated service!

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Every quarter, we recognize an employee who we believe deserves recognition for their hard work, dedication and outstanding service to our customer by nominating them to receive our White Glove Service Award. Is there someone on the Shared Imaging team who has gone above and beyond for your organization? Let us know! 

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