Demand for Cardiac PET/CT is rising due to increased healthcare spending and technological advances. Get greater accuracy, improved decision making and enhance your patient’s experience with mobile cardiac PET/CT from Shared Imaging.

One Scan At a Time

Enhance Your Patient’s Experience

Cardiac PET/CT

Superior Image Quality and Diagnostic Accuracy

cariac pet/ct

More Affordable Due to Increased Reimbursement Rates

Facilitate Coronary Flow Reserve and Discern Microvascular Disease

Faster Scan Times (45-60 Minutes VS. 3 Hours With Spect) Enabling High Patient Throughput

Reduced Radiation Exposure For Both Staff and Patients

Benefits of Mobile CARDIAC PET/CT

  • The latest PET/CT technology for as little as one day of service per week
  • Customized Coaches with modern aesthetics and flexible scanning days
  • Infusion System with CardioGen-82 rubidium generator included
  • Fully Trained and professionally certified PET/CT technologists available
  • No Medicare pre-authorization needed
Cardiac PET/CT machine

strategic mobile imaging partner

Why Choose Shared Imaging

With the high demand for convenient access to care and the expectation of high-quality services by consumers – Shared Imaging treats their mobile medical coach fleet as premium medical technology.  Shared Imaging practices proactive responsibility for on-going maintenance, repair, and maintaining the aesthetics of the interior and exterior of mobile medical coaches to ensure each coach and customer can deliver the quality of care that patients deserve. 

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