Comprehensive Imaging Solutions

Shared Imaging customizes diagnostic imaging services to achieve the best possible clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

MRI, PET/CT, CT and Women’s Health

Collaborative Lifecycle Management of Your Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Shared Imaging’s unique business model allows you to enhance your patient experience while keeping pace with change to meet evolving technological needs now and in the future.


Allow for Future Expansion

Provide the right technology in the right place at the right time


24/7 Technical Support

Ensure a timely resolution and minimize disruption in patient care

hands-on approach

Customized Solution

Thought-out transition ensures a superior experience for you and your patients


Qualified, Licensed Technicians

Clinical staff and call center representatives dedicated to operational excellence


Enhance Patient Experience

Improve patient access and satisfaction

exceptional service

Creating WOW Moments

Ensuring every employee understands the needs of both our customers and their patients

Why Shared Imaging?

State of the art technology from most major OEMs

Each mobile coach is housed with high-end imaging technology and can be branded and customized to enhance the patient experience.

Respond more efficiently to changes in clinical demand

Set a strategic plan that allows flexibility to make timely corrections while meeting your clinical, financial and operational needs. 

Clinical staffing and dedicated support staff

We assume full operational responsibility of the imaging technology and mobile medical coaches, giving you the flexibility to focus on navigating the changing healthcare landscape and/ or improving patient care.

No penalty for upgrade within term

Shared Imaging customizes solutions to meet your financial goals, offering the much-needed stability of a contract with variable terms lengths and in-term upgrades, giving you the best economic value for your technology purchase.

Add and/or expand existing service lines with upgraded or new imaging technology

Flexible solutions – which include leasing – can help you save money over the long term and obtain newer technology sooner as the needs of your patient population change.

No large capital investment required

Shared Imaging provides access to the technology you need while allowing you to preserve limited capital resources for other strategic projects such as enhancing IT infrastructure, purchasing physician practices or expanding your real estate.

24 x 7 US based customer call center

 Our Customer Call Center provides 24 x 7 technical support to ensure a timely resolution and minimize disruption in patient care.

Full service and maintenance coverage

Our maintenance and service process offers high-quality OEM technical support and service technicians to keep businesses running and minimizing lost revenue.

Flexible Solutions to Improve Your Operation


Use population data and strategic planning to create an on-target plan that overcomes the risk & high-stake expense associated with procuring diagnostic imaging technology in an uncertain healthcare market


Develop a customized solution that meets your business goals and the needs of your patient population using the right technology, optimized workflow and neccessary patient safety

flexible terms

Preserve capital and open resources for other projects by gathering all costs of the technology, maintenance and service, staffing and ongoing operational oversight into a single monthly fee

operational excellence

Allow yourself the freedom to focus on improving patient care while we assume full operational responsibility of the imaging technology and mobile medical coaches, as well as hiring, training and scheduling clinical staff 


Reduce downtime and lost revenue with our 24/7 customer call center and OEM technical support and service technicians


Get the benefit of timely refinement and upgrade of solutions in order to meet physician preferences, advancements in technology and changing market dynamics

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