Interim Solutions for Short-Term Needs

Whether you’re faced with an emergency (such as a hurricane), need to reduce backlog due to higher patient volumes, or when your facility is undergoing construction, consider an interim rental from Shared Imaging. We provide advanced technology from any manufacturer and flexible deal structures that allow you to achieve an optimal level of service.

Do you need an MRI, CT or PET/CT short-term imaging solution?

  • Advanced MRI, CT, and PET/CT technology from any manufacturer
  • Flexible rental options to meet changing schedules
  • Site planning assistance to address patient workflow and facility design needs
  • Clinical support and training for your staff
  • Transportation to and from your facility with setup and overview with staff
  • Quality check upon delivery by the manufacturer’s service engineer, with connectivity assistance to your PACs system
  • Hassle-free service and preventative maintenance for both trailer and system
  • 24 x 7 Customer Call Center, with one point of contact through resolution
Needs for Short Term Imaging Solution

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