Financing Solutions

At Shared Imaging, we understand the financial pressures of running a facility and offer the flexible term options you need to get the most reliable diagnostic imaging solution for the best cost.


Turn Technology Costs into an Operational Expense

When obtaining diagnostic imaging equipment, you don’t want to compromise quality for cost, but financial and budgetary restrictions can pose a challenge.

We can help you:

  • Invest in new technology to care for future generations of patients
  • Upgrade existing equipment affordably
  • Turn technology costs into an operational expense with a single monthly fee
  • Free up capital to allocate toward other projects

Improve the patient experience and make your budget go further with Shared Imaging’s financing and leasing solutions.

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We stay flexible with the needs of your business.

Shared Imaging customizes solutions to meet your financial goals, utilizing variable term lengths, tiered pricing and in-term upgrades, giving you the best economic value for your technology purchase.


Variable term lengths allow you to change your imaging strategy before the life or technology of the machine expires. Customized term lengths can be anywhere from a few months to several years.


Flexible terms provide access to the technology you need while allowing you to preserve limited capital resources for other strategic projects such as enhancing IT infrastructure, purchasing physician practices or expanding your real estate.


When leasing, you have numerous options, each with its own strengths depending on your facility needs:

New – Acquire the latest, cutting edge diagnostic imaging equipment you need in a much more cost-effective manner, letting your facility reallocate capital to other departments in need.

Refurbished – Access a vast inventory of refurbished diagnostic imaging systems that meets or exceeds OEM standards for performance. All Shared Imaging refurbished equipment undergoes an intensive refurbishment process.

Interim – Discover short-term diagnostic imaging systems to help reduce backlogs due to higher patient volumes or unforeseen spikes in utilization due to weather events, construction, emergencies, and pandemics, so you don’t turn patients away.

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