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Shared Imaging provides solutions for long-term mammography services to hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics. A mobile mammography coach from Shared Imaging brings early breast cancer detection to the community, providing women with a more convenient option for breast cancer screening.

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Get the right technology where you need it most

Whether you are looking for the latest in technology or require a reliable workhorse system – Shared Imaging can provide you with a new, used or refurbished system in a mobile configuration that meets your budget.

What is Mammography?

Mammography is a specific type of breast imaging that uses low-dose X-rays to detect cancer, when it is most treatable early. Also called digital breast tomosynthesis, 3D mammography is an FDA-approved advanced technology that takes multiple images, or X-rays, at different angles to recreate a 3D picture of the breast. The multiple images of breast tissue slices give physicians a multi-plane image that makes it easier to view multiple layers of breast tissue rather than seeing all layers in one image as with traditional 2D mammography.

What is Breast Ultrasound?

A breast ultrasound is a scan that uses penetrating sound waves that do not affect or damage the tissue and cannot be heard by humans. The breast tissue deflects these waves causing echoes, which a computer uses to paint a picture of what’s going on inside the breast tissue. A mass filled with liquid shows up differently than a solid mass. The detailed picture generated by the ultrasound is called a “sonogram.” Ultrasounds are helpful when a lump is large enough to be easily felt, and the images can be used to further evaluate the abnormality.

A breast ultrasound can provide evidence about whether the lump is a solid mass, a cyst filled with fluid, or a combination of the two. While cysts are typically not cancerous, a solid lump may be a cancerous tumor. Healthcare professionals also use this diagnostic method to help measure the exact size and location of the lump and get a closer look at the surrounding tissue.

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Why Choose Shared Imaging

With the high demand for convenient access to care and the expectation of high-quality services by consumers, a mobile mammography coach from Shared Imaging offers the same accuracy, privacy and quality care received in-house. Offering regular services at your facility with Hologic and GE technology, we can customize a 2D or 3D solution to match your clinical needs. While Shared Imaging does not provide interim/short-term mammo systems, partnering with our customers to provide community planning resources is important to our corporate mission. In addition, Shared Imaging practices proactive responsibility for on-going maintenance, repair, and maintaining the aesthetics of the interior and exterior of mobile medical coaches to ensure each coach and customer can deliver the quality of care that patients deserve.

Benefits of Mobile MAMMOGRAPHY

  • Aids in early detection
  • Expands market presence within the community
  • Relocatable for deployment at multiple sites
  • Provides convenient patient access to screenings
  • Increases brand exposure
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