Flexible Terms

How Will You Obtain the Latest Technology While Achieving Your Financial Goals?

Flexible financial terms eliminate the risks of making a long-term capital investment yet still allows Shared Imaging customers to bring high-end technology to their patients. See our case study here.


Through our unique Functional Service business model, Shared Imaging gathers all costs needed to deploy an imaging solution, including the equipment, maintenance and service, staffing, and ongoing operational oversight and joins them into a single monthly fee. This allows you to preserve your capital for other strategic projects such as enhancing IT infrastructure, acquisitions or expanding your real estate.

A single monthly fee with Flexible Terms is designed to give you the best economic value for your technology purchase. Structured terms may include:

Variable term lengths –Term lengths from a few months to several years allow you to change your imaging strategy and match technology to clinical demand much sooner than if you owned the technology for eight or ten or more years.

Tiered pricing – Terms can be structured to reflect different rates at different points in the contract term (i.e. lower rate at the start of term to build your business).

Upgrades within the contract – Enjoy the flexibility to upgrade and/or replace your technology within the contract at no penalty.

Other options – We can design other flexible terms (such as purchase-leaseback and lease-to-own) that meet your special requests.

So how do you know whether a Functional Service solution with flexible terms is the best option for you compared to purchasing with capital? Let us help you assess your procurement options.