• Advanced Technology
  • Site Planning Assistance
  • Flexible Deal Structures for Leasing or Ownership
  • In-house Configurations, Modular Buildings or Mobile systems
  • Upgrade Options to Optimize Utilization
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Technologist Staffing or Training for Your Staff


If you’re looking for a long-term MRI solution that truly fits your needs, no provider is more committed to your success than Shared Imaging®. For healthcare providers around the country, we provide full-time, permanent systems, including modular buildings, and in-house offerings, provided by the industry’s top manufacturers and configured for each client’s unique situation.


Shared Imaging can craft a part-time MRI solution that will adapt to your evolving needs.   Whether it is to assist you in reducing patient backlog, improving diagnostic capabilities or addressing lack of physical space for an in-house system, Shared Imaging part-time solutions will help you reach these goals.




Whether you need an interim rental for construction, reducing backlog or emergencies, Shared Imaging can provide equipment from all equipment manufacturers to address your specific needs.  Our flexible deal structures allow you to achieve the optimal level of service required at your facility.


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