Mobile Imaging: The Race to Recovery

Recapturing Lost Revenue and Expanding Patient Access

Will there be enough supply to meet demand? As restrictions begin to relax, volume recovery post COVID-19 will be a race to provide services before others do. Consider your options as you plan and prepare for healthcare’s “new normal.”


Recapturing Revenue

By increasing supply, facilities can answer deferred demand and boost utilization. Mobile imaging offers the opportunity to reduce your backlog allowing you to recoup revenue lost during the pandemic.


  • 12-week backlog & 5% loss of the backlog each week
  • MRI exams running at 100% utilization
  • Reimbursement rate of $395 per exam

GOING MOBILE allows you to expand your imaging services with minimal capital expense and limited risk.



Equipment Delivery Timeline

2 weeks
if assets are available

3 to 6 months
if assets are unavailable

For more information contact or call 630.483.3980