Mobile Mammography: A Move in the Right Direction

Why Mobile Mammography?

Mobile mammography provides an opportunity for health systems to expand their market share and offer underserved populations convenient access to breast cancer screening. One of the major drivers for the movement are the advantages mobile mammography provides for health systems and hospitals.

Expands Market Presence: Not only can mobile mammography boost mammography volumes, but it can also extend a hospital’s reach to serve patients they may not otherwise be able to attract.

Provides New Growth Opportunities: Health systems are partnering with commercial entities to provide on-site mammography. Employer partnerships provide an opportunity to move into the retail space and serve as an alternative method for revenue growth.

Match Service Offerings to Demand: Imaging programs can move equipment between sites based on patient demand.

Reduces Barriers to Breast Cancer Screenings: Mobile mammography brings breast cancer screening to women in their workplace and community; addressing many of the obstacles faced by the underserved population such as transportation, time off from work and childcare.

As the healthcare industry continues to transform its patient care model to increase accessibility and improve the quality of care; mobile mammography will remain a key operational strategy to improve breast screening access, enhance care delivery and pave the way for growth and expansion.