Upgrade or Replace

Is Now the Right Time for the Latest Imaging Technology?

Working with Shared Imaging can give you the opportunity to upgrade the imaging technology and medical coaches with a timeliness that matches physician preferences, advancements in technology as well as changing market dynamics. See our case study here.


Changes in health policy or shifts in demographics can result in drastic changes for your patient population, necessitating a new type of technology or a new location for it. Reimbursement updates (i.e., digital radiography, XR-29 and 3D mammography) could make it more advantageous to utilize a particular technology. And advancements in MRI, CT, PET/CT or other technologies may make it possible to better diagnose and treat certain clinical indications.


Upgrading or replacing technology according to your timeline and requirements can impact the ultimate success of your imaging service line and your ability to serve patients.

One of the most welcomed advantages of Shared Imaging’s unique Functional Service business model is the flexibility to upgrade or replace your diagnostic imaging technology sooner than with a traditional capital purchase. Shorter term lengths – as well as the potential to upgrade or move the technology within the term – allow you to adapt your imaging strategy with a timeliness that matches physician preferences, advancements in technology and changing market dynamics.


Imagine not having to wait years to replace, upgrade or relocate your imaging technology!

And when it comes time to actually change out your imaging technology? Because we own it, we assume responsibility for the residual risk – whatever its worth in the market at the end of the term. We will remove it from your facility and decide where it goes next. While we benefit from reusing and recycling the technology, you benefit from the freedom to focus on whatever comes next.