Diagnostic Imaging as a Functional Service

In today’s dynamic and ever changing healthcare industry, ongoing flexibility is key. Utilizing a unique Functional Service business model, Shared Imaging treats diagnostic imaging as a service, not as a piece of equipment. By retaining ownership of the equipment, Shared Imaging can offer management of new, previously owned, and refurbished systems from all the major OEMs. Available for every need and budget, this type of asset management plan offers a significant cost savings by allowing you the ability to optimize your asset’s technology and provide improved patient outcomes.


Is Functional Service Right For You?

  • Are you looking to preserve capital as you add new diagnostic imaging service lines or upgrade existing ones?
  • Are you preparing to affiliate or become an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) but do not want to be burdened with long-term assets?
  • Do you have existing technology that you are not utilizing to its full capacity?


Traditional ownership models constrain spending and limit an organization’s responsiveness. With decades of experience, Shared Imaging can help balance your competitive considerations, functional utilization needs, maintenance concerns, and disposal costs to determine an optimized solution for your facility.

Contact us today and one of our strategic sales consultants will work with you to address your clinical, operational, and financial goals.

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