Cardiac PET/CT

 Greater Accuracy. 


  • More accurate (PET/CT 88% vs 30% with SPECT*)
  • Higher specificity
    – Keeps normal patients out of cath lab
    – Permits more PCIs


 Improved Decisions.


  • Rules out CAD
  • Clarifies treatment path
  • Improves revascularization planning


 Imaging More Patients.


  • Better for patients with high BMI
  • Eliminates breast artifacts
  • Best choice for chemical stress exams


 Benefits of Shared Imaging®


  • Turnkey Solution – Latest technology, staffing, PET isotopes
  • Easy to Implement – As little as 1 day of service per week
  • High Quality – “White glove” customer service and accredited by The Joint Commission


Shared Imaging offers comprehensive diagnostic imaging solutions including the latest CT, MRI and PET technology for in-house, mobile and modular locations. Ask us about our cost-effective technology and service solutions to meet your evolving needs.

*JACC. 2015. 65(10S):A1244.

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