Product Showcase:
GE Omni Legend


Experience ultra-high sensitivity for quality imaging alongside improved efficiency for a better patient experience.

– Dave Stachowiak, VP, Asset Management


With theragnostic capabilities the capacity to image short-lived tracers, and dynamic protocols, the GE Omni Legend drives operational efficiency, enhances diagnostics and delivers precision medicine. The first system on GE’s all-digital PET/CT platform, the Omni Legend provides quality imaging with faster total scan times and reduced doses enabling better patient access and experience.

Features and Benefits

Ultra-High Sensitivity providing diagnostic & treatment confidence

  • Up to 46 cps/kBq NEMA sensitivity
  • 30 mm crystal depth with high stopping power


  • Utilizes Precision DL processing technique to provide better contrast-to-noise ratio and contrast recovery along with Q.Clear image reconstruction technology (BSREM) and MotionFree technology

Enhanced Workflow

  • AI-enhanced workflow solutions and auto positioning improve operational efficiency and patient comfort

Single Platform

  • Multi-dimensional clinical flexibility

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