Product Showcase:
GE eXpress Dockable Table

Transfer patients once to speed throughput!

– Dave Stachowiak, VP, Asset Management


The GE-exclusive eXpress dockable table delivers feet-first imaging for everyone. Designed for the Voyager systems, it allows for easy docking and undocking by a single technologist, boosting your scanner efficiency by minimizing time between scans. Single transfer of patients directly onto the table creates a more comfortable patient experience and increases exam productivity.


  • Reduce patient anxiety with feet-first imaging on all procedures
  • Improve efficiency with large 205cm scan range
  • Increase throughput with patient preparation outside of the scan room
  • Faster egress to remove patients safely and quickly
  • Easy 1 pedal disconnect from the scanner
  • Integrated arm boards to support the patient for injections and transport

Shared Imaging offers flexible solutions to ensure you are equipped with the best imaging solution to enhance your patient’s experience. Shared Imaging can provide you with a new, used or refurbished system from most OEMs in a mobile, modular or in-house configuration.

Our goal is to provide you the right technology in the right place at the right cost.

Contact Shared Imaging to discover your customized imaging solution.

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