Strategic Analysis with Clinical Demand Forecasting

How Will You Make Decisions Given the Uncertainty in Healthcare?

A thorough assessment of your situation, goals and patient requirements using Shared Imaging’s Strategic Analysis process can ensure that you have an on-target imaging strategy for the future. See our case study here.


Healthcare providers are faced with enormous ongoing challenges and pressures to reduce costs, increase quality and improve patient outcomes. Making decisions in this ever-changing healthcare environment can be difficult, and yet despite the uncertainty, you need to keep your business moving forward.

It’s our job to help you flex with the changing times.


To determine a diagnostic imaging solution that best meets the needs of your organization and your patients, we work with you to develop a data-driven strategic analysis. In this process, we evaluate the clinical, operational and financial requirements for your imaging project. We then put this into context with the vision, mission and goals for your organization and your radiology department.

To bolster our strategic planning process, we complete a thorough market assessment that identifies where solutions and value exist for your imaging department and your patients, utilizing proprietary market analytics.

Using our Clinical Demand Forecasting process, we will step you through demographics of your patient population today and over the next 5 years. Through predictive analytics, we assess the changes in demand for each modality (including MRI, CT, PET/CT, IR, Breast Imaging or DR) and identify “leakage” to competitors in your market.

The information we gather allows us to broaden the conversation about how the technology project you’re planning will impact your business today and in the future. We are able to draw conclusions, identify go-forward opportunities, and then develop a customized solution. The result of this strategic analysis ensures that you will have the right technology in the right place at the right time so you can best serve your patients.