2023 Imaging Trends

As we continue to overcome the challenges the past years have brought to the ever-advancing world of healthcare and medical imaging, it is important to stay in the loop regarding all new and continued healthcare trends.

Let’s take a look at six imaging trends to watch for as you plan your imaging strategy for 2023.


Mobile medical coaches allow more healthcare facilities to deliver convenient care that is not only high-quality, but also cost effective. Mobile imaging will be the solution to enhance care delivery and pave the way for growth and expansion.

Digital PET/CT

Digital PET/CT has revolutionized oncology and cardiology imaging with its superior image quality and faster throughput. This innovative technology allows for reduced PET dose and better detection of small lesions leading to better patient management and improved outcomes.

Remote Healthcare/Telehealth

Remote healthcare / Telehealth increased significantly during the pandemic and continues to be the preferred option for most patients. Advancements in medical imaging technology — not to mention image sharing and storage — have made it easier than ever for radiologists to acquire and deliver imaging results. With the cost of delivering in-person healthcare on the rise, and ongoing shortages of medical professionals, we expect the demand in remote healthcare to continue to increase in 2023.

Price Transparency

Price transparency policies such as the Hospital Transparency Rule, Transparency in Coverage Rule and the No Surprises Act were put in place to empower consumers to make more prepared and informed decisions regarding their healthcare costs. Healthcare leaders must ensure their facilities understand the guidelines in place today to stay ahead of the game when new regulations begin to roll out. 

Artificial Intelligence/Robotics

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have had a significant impact on diagnostic imaging – from improving patient care with more personalized, faster, easier, and more accurate diagnosis to streamlining workflows through automation. We will continue to see more opportunities to leverage Artificial Intelligence to enhance the patient experience and care for years to come.

Data Security/Patient Privacy

Data protection continues to be an evolving landscape. As cloud computing and telehealth systems become more widespread, data privacy and security will become a top priority for healthcare leaders to ensure that data from patients and personnel remain protected.

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and healthcare leaders will need to continue to keep up with and stay ahead of the changes that are to come. Plan your imaging strategy around these trends to provide optimal care and improve overall efficiency.

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