The White Glove Service Award

Shared Imaging values excellent customer service and encourages all employees to focus on understanding the needs of those we serve. By placing emphasis on our customers and their patients, above all else, our employees provide quality service while creating memorable, WOW moments that leave lasting impressions. We believe this is what separates us from our competition. The White Glove Service Award recognizes those employees who have made exceptional contributions in this area, exceeding normal expectations, and delivering superior quality service to our customers.

This recognition is awarded quarterly to a Shared Imaging employee who demonstrates a combination of the following:

  • Delivers exceptional levels of service
  • Consistently displays a positive attitude as well as maintains a high level of professionalism at all times
  • Continuously exceeds expectations when providing assistance to customers and their patients
  • Exhibits initiative and resourcefulness when troubleshooting problems and/or complaints
  • Takes ownership of problems and follows through until completion and/or resolution

Complete the form below and help us recognize employees who have gone above and beyond for your organization.

Who can nominate a Shared Imaging employee for the White Glove Service Award?

All current customers and employees of Shared Imaging can submit an employee nomination for the White Glove Service Award.

Who is eligible to receive the White Glove Service Award?

Any Shared Imaging employee is eligible to receive the White Glove Service Award, ranging from corporate to transportation to clinical staff and everyone in between.

Why should I nominate someone for the White Glove Service Award?

The quarterly White Glove Service Award is a great opportunity to acknowledge Shared Imaging employees who have made exceptional contributions in making a difference with our customers. This award is a chance to celebrate and recognize employees who truly go above and beyond to create memorable, WOW moments that make your organization successful.

What are some examples of nominations?

Recognition can be a patient compliment, a story of how an employee went the extra mile in a certain circumstance(s), or just a simple thank you for consistency, professionalism, technical skills and/or positive attitude.

What is the selection process?

Our executive team has a meeting to review all candidates and determine who will be the award recipient.

Is there a deadline to make a nomination?
Review of nominations and recognition will take place at the end of each quarter.

  • 1st Quarter: January – March
  • 2nd Quarter: April – June
  • 3rd Quarter: July – September
  • 4th Quarter: October – December


Every quarter, we recognize an employee who we believe deserves recognition for their hard work, dedication and outstanding service to our customer by nominating them to receive our White Glove Service Award. Below is a listing of the exceptional employees at Shared Imaging who have previously earned this award.