Top Blogs of 2019

2019 was another year of big changes in radiology. From healthcare policy and reimbursement to imaging efficiency, we have recapped our most notable blogs from 2019.

Despite industry backlash, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized the site-neutral payment provision. Hospitals will start seeing a reduction in current and expected outpatient revenue. Learn how this policy is expected to roll out in the coming years and what it means for imaging reimbursement.

GO MOBILE! Consumerism is changing the healthcare industry, putting the power in the hands of the people. With patients demanding convenient and affordable care, mobile imaging services are becoming an integral part of the healthcare system. Learn how mobile imaging is a key strategy to meet the changes and challenges in the healthcare market.

Appropriate use criteria (AUC) will soon be a required link when providing diagnostic imaging services. Learn common causes of inappropriate imaging orders and discover opportunities to better manage imaging utilization and reduce order error.

In an effort to keep costs down, more and more insurance companies are steering patients to lower cost imaging sites. This is a big concern for many imaging programs as this directly affects their volumes and margins. Read about 3 strategies that will help retain your patient population and protect your bottom line.

The delivery of women’s health services is changing. Find out why more and more imaging programs are turning to mobile mammography to increase accessibility and improve health outcomes.

Operational efficiency is a key component to the success of any imaging department with imaging leaders ranking it as their #1 priority.  Learn key components that efficient imaging programs implemented to help maximize imaging capacity and increase revenue.

Adherence to MACRA’S performance categories directly impacts radiologist reimbursement, therefore, it’s important to not just familiarize yourself with MACRA but also stay on top of policy changes. Don’t get caught behind the curve on MACRA reporting and compliance measures. Learn 7 changes that should be top of mind to ensure your practice is prepared.

The economics of lucrative service lines is rapidly changing. Providers face a host of new competitors as changes in reimbursement continue to roll out. Uncover the right strategies to compete for volumes and successfully grow service lines.

We hope as you read these blogs, you found them to be valuable. Our goal as we prepare for the new year, is to continue to put the spotlight on hot topics and keep you abreast of industry trends. Continue to follow us  @SharedImaging on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

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