The Latest Technology from Any Manufacturer

Shared Imaging manages every step of the technology lifecycle on your behalf. It starts with selecting the best technology to meet your clinical, operational and financial requirements. We don’t just sell you what we have, we get you what you need – from any manufacturer. We provide this technology where you need it – whether it’s located in your facility, in a modular building adjacent to your facility or in a medical coach so that you can bring care to the patient. Whether you need the technology on a full-time, part-time or interim basis, we will tailor the solution to meet your requirements.

Once we have determined what technology and where it will be located, we coordinate the installation, onboarding, and clinical training for you. After installation, Shared Imaging will manage the maintenance and service for the technology (using OEM service engineers) and provide ongoing operational oversight and clinical staffing (available upon request).

We deliver technology through Functional Service, enabling you to:

  • Save money over the long term by leveraging our expertise and economies of scale.
  • Obtain the technology you want and keep it relevant as the healthcare environment, clinical advancements and patient populations change.
  • Obtain the technology you need sooner with shortened investment periods.
  • Adapt to whatever external forces emerge two or four or six years down the road.