Modular imaging configurations are a cost-effective and flexible way to improve imaging services and capabilities.  If space and cost are primary factors deterring the progression of your imaging technology – a relocatable modular building that houses state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology may be the seamless solution.

With little-to-no upfront expense, a relocatable modular imaging structure provides full-time CT, MRI, PET/CT imaging options, without producing large capital expenses for the acquisition of a new modality or constructing a useable space within a current radiology / nuclear medicine department.

Feel the benefits of a modular solution with Shared Imaging®:

  • Modular overcomes spatial constraints and offers flexibility to each facility
  • Relocatable
  • Add to or supplement existing modalities with upgraded or new imaging technology
  • No large capital investment required
  • Expanded full-time imaging service capabilities
  • Fixed imaging performance
  • Full service and maintenance coverage included

Customizable solutions with a modular configuration:

  • Modular building can be designed to match your facility’s exterior appearance
  • Modular MR systems are designed and engineered specifically for RF shielding
  • Quality assurance program, including accreditation from The Joint Commission
  • Educational resources for physicians, staff, and community – including collateral materials
  • ARRT/ARMRIT certified technologist staffing solutions available
  • Applications training for MRI, CT and PET-CT systems
  • Fully compliant with all internal policies, guidelines and procedures for employees

Contact the experts at Shared Imaging to determine the best imaging configuration for your facility

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