Shared Imaging® believes in giving back to our local communities. Through our company initiative SHARED.CARES., we empower employees and their families to contribute time, effort, and passion towards meaningful causes within their community. Focused on health and wellness, SHARED.CARES. nurtures a company culture of giving and participating to create stronger, healthier places for our customers and employees to work and live.


Smiles from Andie Sock Drive

Meet 26-year-old Andie Proskus, diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease when she was a sophomore in high school. During one of her frequent hospital stays she received a fun pair of socks and decided she wanted to pay it forward and share the fun with other kids…“Smiles from Andie” was born! SHARED.CARES. is proud and excited to be partnering with “Smiles from Andie” for a sock drive in April. Andie’s goal is to collect 10,000 pairs of socks. She has already collected 9,000 pairs and SHARED.CARES. hopes to collect half of her remaining goal, 500 pairs of fun and/or fuzzy socks!

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Blood Drive

On Wednesday, August 30th, SHARED.CARES. participated in a LifeSource Blood Drive.  Not only did we see some happy, smiling faces, it was a HUGE success! We collected 21 pints of blood, potentially saving the lives of 63 people. We are so proud to be a...

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