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A Message From Our CEO

Thank you for a terrific first-half of the year. Because of your efforts we had over $25M in new business orders, and we are on track to meet, or exceed our year-end targets for Revenue and EBITDA. Growth is an incredible stimulus for an organization, and what you are achieving is truly exciting. However, growth is not perpetual. We must continue to work at it, and not stray from the operational discipline and quality focus that have been the catalysts for our growth. New customers, such as Kaiser, and long-term customers, such as Kelsey-Seybold, see value in our well-ordered approach, and hence why they choose to do business with us. Our customers have other choices, let’s never give them a reason to seriously consider those choices. Embracing our White Glove culture and disciplined approach is the key to ensuring those choices are constant runner-ups.


Thank you for a terrific first-half of the year. Because of your efforts we had over $25M in new business orders, and we are on track to meet, or exceed our year-end targets for Revenue and EBITDA. Growth is an incredible stimulus for an organization, and what you are achieving is truly exciting. However, growth is not perpetual. We must continue to work at it, and not stray from the operational discipline and quality focus that have been the catalysts for our growth. New customers, such as Kaiser, and long-term customers, such as Kelsey-Seybold, see value in our well-ordered approach, and hence why they choose to do business with us. Our customers have other choices, let’s never give them a reason to seriously consider those choices. Embracing our White Glove culture and disciplined approach is the key to ensuring those choices are constant runner-ups.


Executive Corner

We just completed our 2019 Mid-Year Leadership Meeting where Larry and I were able to spend some time with our leaders from  Sales, Operations and Finance .  This meeting allowed us to review some of our key accomplishments in 2019 and although I couldn’t list them all here, I think you’ll agree the following achievements are quite impressive :      

  • We continued to expand our penetration into the Kaiser Permanente health system, deploying three PET/CT’s and two interim CT’s to the Kaiser’s Northern California Region and one MR to Kaiser Washington during the 1st half of 2019. Total Shared Imaging units deployed to Kaiser at June 30, 2019 stands at seven with approximately twelve more expected to be deployed by year end.
  • A record NBOI achievement of $25.3M crushed our plan target by $11.0M
  • Expanded our previous Interim relationship with Baptist, South Florida, on-boarding a Full-time CT with this strategic health system
  • Acquired and deployed our first Mobile Mammography unit to MD Anderson
  • Our pipeline of prospective customer opportunities is very strong at $86 million.
  • YTD June 2019 Mobile revenue performance is up 14% vs. plan and 24% vs. prior year with EBITDA up 6% vs. plan and 30% vs. prior year.
  • Our “White Glove” culture is alive and well as we have demonstrated new levels of high quality patient and customer care throughout the first six months of 2019. Numerous examples of which have been shared in our Newsletters and Town Hall meetings. This high quality experience and reputation has been instrumental in our ability to expand our business with existing customers, as well as securing new clients. 
  • Executed 24 unit deployments (including Interim) in the first six months of 2019, a number of which were completed in an expedited time frame.
  • Updated our Bank agreement to support our growth and allow us the flexibility to invest to meet the needs of our customers over the next three years.
  • We added 21 new employees in the first half of 2019 with 40 more expected to start before year end.
  • Recently completed our employee focus groups which provided more detailed feedback on our employee engagement survey results. This will provide the critical information needed to develop effective action plans to improve employee engagement. Action plans will be communicated and implemented during the 2nd half of 2019
  • The last major accomplishment I’d like to highlight was around Shared Imaging’s brand awareness, where we conducted two webinars in partnership with the Advisory Board during the 1st half of 2019.  

On behalf of the entire Executive Team, I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work and especially the results you have achieved thus far in 2019. I’m very excited about our momentum and what the rest of the year will bring, as you have set us up for great things to come!

Sam Country

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We signed an agreement with Kaiser’s Southern California Region which will include six dedicated Siemens Biograph mCT40 PET/CT systems providing 34 days of service per week to 9 locations. Staffing will consist of one Technologist and one Tech-Aide per unit for 12 hours per service day. Implementation is expected to start in September and transition through November.

Kaiser SoCal’s previous mobile provider was not meeting Kaiser’s expectations, and they needed a mobile partner who has the ability to customize mobile services and maintain current route schedules while providing the flexibility to expand services when needed.

There are some key criteria identified by Kaiser for improved mobile services. First, improved communication between the mobile provider and Kaiser’s regional and local staff members. Second, superior patient experience and a consistent standard of care. Third, improved reliability and well-defined processes to manage downtime events. Fourth, teamwork and collaboration between their mobile provider, the OEM & Kaiser Permanente. Lastly, further expansion of mobile services on a national level. 

Last year, Shared Imaging was selected as Kaiser’s single-source mobile imaging services vendor for PETCT & CT and dual-source vendor for MR across all regions. Kaiser expects a superior level of service with each and every deployment. We gain valuable experience with each Kaiser project which will only improve the White Glove service we deliver to all of our customers. 

Marketing. SOLVED.

The Marketing team has been busy the first half of 2019!


Social Media

Social Media has changed the way businesses communicate with their audiences forever. Social media is a powerful way to build brand awareness, build a positive image and drive lead generation. The marketing team has been consistently and strategically working up to increase engagements and followers.

Followers on LinkedIn

Likes on Facebook

Followers on Twitter

Thank you to everyone that engages with our social media by liking and sharing our posts. You help bring awareness to the Shared Imaging brand. We encourage everyone to follow Shared Imaging on all social media platforms.


We are having some great success at our trade shows. Over the last year, the marketing team has developed a new trade show strategy that doubled our booth visits at most shows and increased our leads by 25%! Booth pong, Amazon gift cards and social events continue to be a favorite of our audience. Our trade show success is also attributed to the hard work put forth by the sales team while manning the booth at the shows.

25 Sales Leads
AHRA Spring

31 Sales Leads
HCP Reverse Expo Spring

4 Sales Leads
51 Attended Larry’s Session

CIA Spring Assembly

4 Sales Leads

19 Sales Leads
130+ Marketing Touches

AHRA Summer

We also updated our booth to reflect our new brand image that was rolled out last year.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are any techniques, strategies and materials used to promote our products and services. These tools are most frequently used by the sales team to assist them in their sales efforts.

Here are  few of the projects we have been working on this year.

Go Mobile Video

Mobile Marketing PDF

Kaiser Marketing PDF

ASHE Marketing PDF

Marketing Automation

The Marketing team is working towards implementing drip campaigns that will allow us to easily keep in touch with possible prospects and keep the Shared Imaging name fresh in their minds. Utilizing the CRM to track events, segment audiences, and utilize email actions, we can strategically reach out to prospects who may be at different stages of the decision making process. The more information we are able to harvest, the more informed our sales people can be, the better they can meet our prospects needs!


Content Marketing and Webinars

Shared Imaging shares industry news and original content in order to provide current and prospective clients with a reliable knowledge base of information. This  demonstrates that Shared Imaging continues to stay abreast of upcoming mandates, legislation, industry trends, equipment, and unique imaging solutions.

Registered attendees
Q1 Imaging Market Outlook Webinar

Registered attendees
Q2 How to Retain and Engage
your Technologist Workforce Webinar

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Billions of web browsing sessions start with a Google search each day. With all of our competitors competing for the top spot in searches related to all things diagnostic imaging, we developed a strategy to help drive traffic to our site from the search engines. Over the last 7+ months, we have targeted more specific keywords to ensure the traffic coming to our site is valuable. In addition, we have updated the technical structure of the site to ensure we are meeting all of Google’s standards.

In spite of major algorithm updates every month for the last 7 months, Shared Imaging has held its place and captured a more targeted visitor. We have most recently improved rankings (positions 1 to 10 on page 1) for keywords that feature modular, interim, in house, mammography/breast imaging and the associated word of leasing. For many queries, we are above or in position with many of our competitiors including Sound Imaging, Block Imaging, Meridien Leasing, Shared Medical, and Alliance.


Drop in Organic Traffic Bounce Rate
based on January – July 2019 compared to same period in 2018

What We’re Working on Now…


Value Proposition

The Sales & Marketing team recently met to discuss competitors and customer expectations. This was a wonderful working session generating a lot of great information that the team will utilize to develop a strong value proposition. Aligning our offering with the needs of the customer will ensure our sales team is well equipped to handle objections and present Shared Imaging in the best light possible! 


We Are Shared Imaging

On July 29th, a project we’ve been working on for over a year finally hit a big milestone. We conducted a professional video shoot for the “We Are Shared Imaging” video. This video is intended to be impactful to our employees, current customers and prospective customers detailing our core values and beliefs. A number of Shared Imaging employees were included in the video shoot and we are so excited to see the outcome! We plan to unveil the video at our September Town Hall Meeting – don’t miss it! 

With all the uncertainty in the marketplace today, the Shared Imaging marketing team is constantly working to stay educated and promote thought leadership among DORs and C-Suite members. We have utilized a variety of resources to communicate our core offering and values to help prospective customers make decisions that best align with their goals and objectives and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


Give them what they need, what they deserve. It’s That Simple. 

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White Glove Moment

In February of this year, Shared Imaging initiated mobile PET/CT service for 8 Kaiser facilities in Northern California with three new Siemens Horizon PET/CT systems. We also  welcomed 16 new Shared Imaging employees. Lastly, our transition of mobile service from Alliance to Shared Imaging had to be flawless. Our team performed like true champions!

Sharon’s Story

Sharon Rhone is one of our Technologist-Aides in support of the Kaiser NoCal PET/CT routes. Sharon has made an immediate positive impact with her teammates, our customers and their patients from Day 1. She is friendly and has a positive attitude that makes her a pleasure to be with. Sharon is also meticulous in performing her responsibilities particularly in caring for and comforting patients. She goes above and beyond the norm when it comes to tending to the needs of the patients. The following is a testimonial from one of the patients under Sharon’s attention.

 “Smiley, bubbly Sharon escorted me to the truck and gave me a comforting explanation about what was going to transpire, my anxiety disappeared! Sharon made sure I was seated comfortably, gave me water and a blanket, did everything she could to make me comfortable and feel as secure as possible. I felt like I was in my own living room rather than a trailer with big equipment.”

Sharon was honored with the $1,000 2nd Quarter White Glove Moment Award during our 2nd Quarter Town Hall Meeting. Thank you, Sharon!


Our Employee Referral 
Program Pays
Shared Imaging is always looking for talented people just like you and since you know what it takes to succeed at SI, we encourage you to refer friends and colleagues. Earlier this year, we increased the referral bonus. For every successful referral you make, you will earn a referral bonus of $2,000 for a full-time position or $1,000 for a part-time position. Moreover, remember, whenever you make a successful referral you gain more than extra income — you will have the satisfaction of knowing you identified a fantastic talent who will help SI excel and grow.

Here’s How It Works

To get started, all you need is the referral’s email address and an electronic copy of their resume. Submit the information via email to the Human Resource Department at, and we will do the rest.

If you refer a person who is then hired and remains in their job for at least six months, you will receive a referral bonus payment of $2,000 or $1,000, less applicable taxes, depending on the referral’s employment classification. To receive this reward, you must be employed by SI when the reward payment is made. You are only eligible to receive an employee referral bonus if you are not involved in the hiring process for the referred candidate.

Check out our open positions! 

The employee referral program as described in this announcement and the payment of a referral bonus is subject to change at any point in time at the discretion of SI leadership.


Wellness. SOLVED.


All employees are eligible for one free wearable device and an opportunity to earn awards.

  • Employees earn points throughout the year
  • Based on points achieved, an employer contribution to your HSA (if you are enrolled in the Shared Imaging HDHP). $600, $400, $200, or an employer donation to an approved charity (if you are not enrolled in the Shared Imaging HDHP). $300, $200, $100

How to Participate:

Step One: Order your device

Step Two: Set up your scorecard

Step Three: Register your device, apply all the easy credits, check your emails, start making healthy choices

Want to keep those employee benefits and perks coming? Participate! 

Philanthropy. SOLVED.

Shared.Cares. Sock Drive Smiles from Andie

Andie is now in her 20’s; she was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease when she was a sophomore in high school.  Her diagnosis resulted in frequent hospitalization. During one of these stays, she received a ‘fun’ pairs of socks and decided she wanted to share this fun with other hospitalized children. This was the beginning of “Smiles From Andie.” Even though her health continues to deteriorate, she lives by her motto, #NoExcuses, continuing her sock drive for hospitalized children.

Her 2019 goal is to collect 10,000 socks. She has already collected 9,000; and Shared.Cares’ goal is to collect half of her remaining goal of 500 pairs of fun and/or fuzzy socks.  We collected 750 pairs of socks!

The SHARED.CARES. philanthropy team dropped off a portion of our sock donation at Comer Children’s Hospital in Hyde Park on July 17thand to Rush Children’s Hospital on August 20th. Thank you to everyone who supported our Smiles for Andie Sock Drive. Your generous donations will warm both hearts and toes!


Located in iSolved under Employee Messages


On June 20th Shared.Cares hosted Trivia For Charity to create an entertaining and competitive teaming event where all Shared Imaging associates can participate while making a meaningful financial contribution to a charitable organization.

The biggest winners of the night were the charities represented by our top finishers!

  • The Ronald McDonald House will receive a $800 donation
  • Saint Jude Children’s Hospital will receive a $200 gift



Ruben Ramirez
ChelceeJo Sykes
Marcelino Morales


Jose Aponte
Michael Veloza
Jose Quiroz-Montes
Michelle Hanus
Valerie Weaver
Gabriel Adan


Aaron Whittemore
Joie Manog
Madeline Plasencia
Ernestina Morrisey


  • FT PET/CT Technologist San Jose
  • FT Technologists & FT Tech-Aides for Southern CA
  • FT / PT MR Technologist Washington
  • FT Driver Central CA
  • PT 2nd shift Call Center Service Representative
  • FT RSM – South Central Region
  • FT Shop Technician
  • Field Technician – TX/NM
  • FT Human Resource Generalist


Dave Stewart
5 years


Chaundra Sykes
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Jillian Yacovelli
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