How Will You Meet Patient Requirements?

It takes a heartfelt focus on your patients along with a precise data analytical process to develop a sustainable, long-term strategy for your imaging service line or project. Before you make a major investment that will affect your long-term success, you can have reassurance that you’re making a well-informed, intelligent decision.

Clinical Demand Forecasting from Shared Imaging will help you solidify your strategy. We provide a customer-centric framework for decision making that both illuminates opportunities and reveals potential gaps in service to best serving your patients today and in the future.


Assess Current Utilization and Projected Growth Rates

Our Clinical Demand Forecasting process will provide the market data and predictive analytics you need to drive toward an effective diagnostic imaging strategy.

We work with you to assess how the utilization of services are expected to change over the next five years by assessing the following data:

Population Demographics: Identify policies, trends and demographic shifts impacting service utilization, including population growth and aging, Medicaid expansion, payor mix, and other demographic factors.

Clinical Indications: Validate or invalidate the clinical needs of your patient population by assessing the change in diagnostic and treatment trends by clinical indication (i.e., lung, prostate, breast, heart, head/brain/neck, trauma).

Volume by Imaging Modality: Estimate current and expected procedure volume by imaging service line (CT, MRI, PET/CT, interventional radiology, digital radiography and breast imaging).

Competition: Navigate your competitive landscape by understanding where patients are originating and where they are going to receive service.

Feel the Benefits of Population-Based Clinical Demand Forecasting

The data from our analysis complement our full Strategic Analysis process, where we evaluate the clinical, operational and financial requirements for your imaging project and tie them into your organization’s goals and mission to serve the community.

Our up-front work allows us to better develop an imaging solution that serves you for as long as you need it and in a location where it will be best utilized. It may also prepare you to avoid duplication of effort in the market, create efficiencies within your department and lower your overall costs.

At Shared Imaging, we pride ourselves on taking the long-term view and anticipating the needs of an ever-changing healthcare landscape so that you get exactly what you need to improve business operations and patient outcomes.