Clinical Demand Forecasting. SOLVED.

Predicting future healthcare needs isn’t easy. With rising costs and continued cuts in reimbursements, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to be more efficient. As an added value to our customers, Shared Imaging is offering Clinical Demand Forecasting (CDF) to help determine potential patient demand, imaging technology usage and demographic changes to ensure you are set up with the right imaging technology to support your everchanging patient population.

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What is the benefit of CDF?

Clinical Demand Forecasting will provide the market data and predictive analytics you need to drive toward an effective diagnostic imaging strategy that improves business operations and patient outcomes.

Utilizing data from Truven Health Analytics, Shared Imaging will work with you to measure how the utilization of services are expected to change in the future by assessing the following data:


  • Population Demographics
  • Changes in payor mix
  • Clinical Indications
  • Volume by Imaging Modality
  • Competition

Whether you are planning a new technology project or want to get ahead of the game by evaluating your current imaging solution, the information we collect allows us to expand the conversation about how your imaging strategy will impact your business today and in the future. We are able to draw conclusions, identify go-forward opportunities, and develop a customized solution that will lower your overall costs.

Contact one of our clinical demand analysts to develop a FREE market assessment for your imaging services.


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